By the time of its foudation, back in 1964, Modelação Unidos stood an area of only 56 square meters. Notwithstanding, the hard labor of its foundation patners led it quickly to expand that extent to new 220 square meters on the very spot of this foundation.

     As a result of all this labor and the effort put by its employees, in 1975 Unidos moved to the first headquarters of its own, wich stood an area of 1.200 square meters, where it invested in the modernization of its machinery and also in the creation of project department, in 1983.

     The technical qualification and the commercialcredibility of the company with it customers has been totally consolidated, and woolings that were once used to be imported are now supplied directly by Modelação Unidos to leading companies headquartered in Brazil.

     As the company experienced all this growth andpurchase a large number of machines, its industrial, technical, and administrative area was once more explanded.In 1985, it moved to its second own headquarters, wich at first stood an area of 2.000 square meters.

     By sticking to a good standing, seriousness, and excellence in its work, Unidos started manufacturing increasingly sophisticated products and meeting even shorter delivery, as required its customers and fulfilled by the company.

     Alert to new technologies and custome needs, Modelação Unidos went computer-based, expanded its facilities to 6.000 square meters and, in 1996, started exporting its products. It became then Brazil's largest company in its industry.

     In 2001, the company was awarded its ISO 9001 certification; it has invested in new technologies and constantly brought up to date its internal procedures and customer services ever since.

     Currently, Unidos counts on a modren data communitation system, as well project, CAD, CAM, PCP, and information technology departments, using last generation machines. By proving to be always in tune with world trends, the company has invested in recycling, having as one of its key assumptions the respect to employees and their qualification.

     All the above contribuets Modelação Unidos to be the leading Brazilian company and one of the world's largest enterprises in its industry, as well as to keep it on sticking to the same goals that fostered its very foundation: Namely meeting its customers' needs!

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